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Parents file complaint after baby’s head cut during C-section

bridget November 21, 2011 at 12:22 pm

The same exact thing happened to me …. I am now 32. I am a twin and there was a rush to get us out because my mother’s heart was close to stopping. This happened on the 27/07/1979 in a London hospital… i was the first to come out. When it all happened my dad heard the doc say ‘Oh Shit’… my dad was straight away worried ask questions…. doc said that an accident had occurred and i had to be taken to insensitive care.
Growing up i had to go to Harley Street for assessments to check the length of my scar on my left cheek. They checked to see whether it was growing or getting smaller as i grew. My parents did sue the hospital and the money was kept in a trust fund until i was 18, that way i can consider if i wanted plastic surgery or not…. i decided against it. I did so because i was born with my scar and i have and will always have it for the rest of my life.. it would be weird not to see myself without a scar.
I’m luckily to be a twin so growing up that made it easy for me especially at school i didn’t get bullied and the other kids just asked what happened to your face i wasn’t called any nasty names.. but i do have moments where i feel i don’t fit into the norm when people tend to stare or when my sister and I get asked if we are twins and someone says’ oh yes you do look alike except (pause) guys got different eyes’.
Half the time i forget i even got a scar ….i have even been told by past boyfriends that it looks cute!
Even though what happened to your baby is horrible and no parent should go through that but as time goes on it will get better. When your born a certain way you don’t know any better and yeah she is different like myself not like the ‘norm’ but what is the norm?…. I have learned that i am beautiful and i don’t give a dam what anyone else thinks or is they give long lasting stares. Hope everything works out for you all.
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