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Parents file complaint after baby’s head cut during C-section

Baby cut during C-Section

When I had Abbey I had a C Section and the Dr cut Abbey's face on her cheek (about 1-2cm). I guess this was due to it being an emergency and not having time to see how she was laying.

Anyways at the time I wasn't too worried about it, just happy that she was finally here and healthy. The Dr told me it wouldn't scar.

Anyway, nearly 8 weeks later, yes it has scarred. The scab has completely gone and now you can see the line where she was cut and there is a ridge in her cheek where it seems like the two sides of skin haven't joined.

Has anyone got any suggestions on any kind of cream I can put on it to either make the scar better, or stop it from getting worse. It really isn't that noticeable unless you know it is there, but I don't want it to be a problem for her down the track.
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